Finally. Ultra-Private, Highly-Secure Cloud Preservation

Casual cloud storage can be intimidating. From precious memories to critical documents, don’t trust public cloud to safely house those precious assets. Discover our THREE KEY TENETS on your way to taking back control with GEN-ARC™!

FutureProof Your Storage

Storage these days seems like it is easy to come by, but that depends on what kind of storage you want. If it is true privacy and security, even through technology change, you may be looking in the wrong direction with a public cloud solution. Discover our THREE KEY TENETS on your way to secure preservation with GEN-ARC™!

FutureProof Your Legacy

Legacy – it is something different to every one of us! But it is always reflective of life’s journey. That journey is valuable – to us and to our loved ones. It needs to be safeguarded. Discover our THREE KEY TENETS as GEN-ARC™ plots the course for you!

FutureProof Your Digital Estate

Digital Estate – a term that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Now Digital Estate is the fastest growing area of law. In life’s twilight hours, we need the security that our affairs are in order. Is your estate plan a Digital Estate Plan? Let the GEN-ARC™ THREE KEY TENETS be your guide to structuring your Digital Estate!

Is “Storage” Ever Enough?

The GEN-ARC™ answer is NO! Our lives have become more digital, and through that progression we have seen first-hand how technology can change. There are seemingly millions of places in the cloud that you can store or back-up your digital content for next to nothing. There’s a reason for that. Very few work to ensure you that your memories will be viewable when you need them – especially across technology changes. Until GEN-ARC™, that is! Take the first step.
FutureProof Your STORAGE!

What is your Legacy?

Only you can answer that, but we know it is very personal and even more valuable! Your Legacy is made of the most precious memories and experiences that you want to pass on. These memories CAN’T be trusted to a simple storage service – a digital shoe-box. It needs to overcome the challenge of technology change and ownership across generations. You don’t simply WANT a solution that guides you through this. You NEED one! Your legacy may include generations of memories, so how do you start?
FutureProof Your LEGACY!

What is a Digital Estate?

A Digital Estate is made up of content that can be digitally stored and inherited. Simply put, it is virtually everything you do online – from bill pay to social networking. That trend isn’t slowing, which means more of your Estate is becoming digital. You need more than storage and backup. You need a place to protect and preserve your Digital Estate. GEN-ARC™ is the only solution that will help you with both! Take the first step.
FutureProof Your DIGITAL ESTATE!