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Digitizing your assets - the first step to preserving your legacy

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Leave your digital estate to successors or heirs

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The Leader in Digital Estate Scanning and Preservation Solutions

GEN-ARC™’s cloud-based Digital Asset Management System is designed to facilitate generational succession(s) and future technology changes. It utilizes a uniquely-secure, financial trust to ensure the permanent protection of every generational archive and the priceless family history it contains.

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Not your average cloud back-up solution!

Terms of Service mean everything when it comes to your most precious assets.

We know your memories mean everything,
that's why we use the latest technology to preserve them!

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  • What is a Digital Estate?

    A digital estate is made up of content that can be digitally stored and inherited. A digital estate may include instructive memos, passwords, digital pictures, medical information or, important documents – all of which can be preserved in your GEN-ARC™ archive.

  • why should you care?

    A digital estate can provide many benefits to generations of descendants who will appreciate the family history that you leave behind.

  • But, I already back-up

    GEN-ARC™’s family archiving service is much more than just backup or online storage. GEN-ARC™ provides key features and functionality that are critical to permanently preserve the priceless content in your family archive and ensuring it remains viewable by forward generations; neither offline nor online backup services offer these critical features.

  • So why GEN-ARC™?

    Many websites typically downgrade the quality of your images to save space. They also may reserve the right to delete your content at any time without notifying you and may require you to agree to their ownership of your content. Most paid services also have terms and conditions that are inconsistent with and problematic for true generational archiving.

  • And what now?

    Spend some time reviewing our extensive list of features, and check out our pricing page to take the next step to ensuring your most precious memories stay alive forever.